The Claims With Clout Plan

When you’re up Against the Big Guys, Clout Counts!

1800-ThePlan (1-800-843-7526)- ThePlan right after you call 911 to get your recovery started.

Members call 1 800-ThePlan for for directions and help. We will provide you with tips and insider information to get you fully recovered quickly and fairly.

tennis small

A lone consumer who must negotiate a large claim with any insurance company is like playing tennis against dozens of players on the other side of the net.

The Plan’s policy is that we do not want a penny more or a penny less than the amount of our members covered loss.  In addition, we provide support services until the claim is settled.

It is very unfair for one amateur consumer to be forced to play against dozens of insurance professionals, experts and attorneys that insurers keep on staff.

 Moreover, victims suffer a secondary disaster because they do not have a functional home, office, or vehicle. This handicap induces stress on top of the financial loss and makes a victim even more vulnerable to abuse.


Your membership in The Consumer’s Action Plan helps you.  Now you have your experts on your team.

We will never provide you with legal or accounting information. That you must get from a licensed attorney etc.

What we will provide you with are the steps and resources to use to recover from your loss as quick as possible.

Insurance companies can easily misinform consumers, one at a time, but they can never misinform the management of The Consumer’s Action Plan and expect to get away with it.