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Insurance Rights of the Consumer.

Insurance Rights of the Consumer     You may take, and be fully compensated for, the reasonable cost of emergency services to safeguard your property from further damage after a loss.  In fact, after a loss, you have the obligation more »

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Maria Fogel, Tallahassee, FL

I attended a disaster preparedness conference chaired by Ron in Florida in 2006. The man is a wealth of valuable information and has saved me thousands in insurance costs over the years.

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Rob Mancini, Woodbridge, NJ

I first heard of Ron in an interview he did with Governor Patterson on WOR-710am. I was so impressed I bought all 3 of his books. The information I have learned from Ron has helped me complete a full recovery more »

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John Nelson, Irving TX

I heard Ron on Ben Dover’s radio show. I have asked the show for him to be brought back many times. The information you provide is utterly priceless.

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Bill Harrison, President, Radio-TV Interview Report Magazine

He’s articulate, opinionated and combative. He’ll light up your phones by telling your listeners how to turn the tables on insurance companies.

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