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Ron Alford has 45 years in the insurance industry on both sides of the fence, sales and claims. His insurance related career began in 1964, and in 1966 he was in the top 5 % of the 23,000 sales agents for the Prudential Insurance Company.

Since 1974 Alford has been on the claims side of the fence and has managed over 13,000 insurance related disaster recovery projects in the New York Metro Area. These projects vary from home owners to high rise building owners and tenants with fires, floods, wind and malicious damages.

During this long tenure Alford has only met a handful of consumers who actually knew the correct steps to take for them to recover from a disaster.

Having all of these experiences and amended disasters behind him, Alford knows exactly how and why debilitating events take place. Moreover Alford created a disaster prevention plan for property owners of all kinds to identify and remove or reduce the DISASTER SEEDS™ from their property and business operations.

Alford’s clients are many. The oldest continuously operating law firm in America – Cadwalader, Wickersham and Taft; Cushman & Wakefield; Citi Corp and the list includes hotels, restaurants, etc.

All members of ThePlan are entitled to great advice from Ron through his variety of services, delivered personally.

Members who suffer a disaster get 10 minutes of Alford’s time on the phone or via Skype, Yahoo messenger etc.

Non-Members can also book Alford’s time at $80.00 for ten minutes which gets clearly distilled information.

And all members of ThePlan receive the invaluable benefit of booking phone or Skype time directly with Ron himself for a free consult following a disaster.

If you are interested in getting some face to face time with Ron on his Skype service or some consultation time by phone, contact ThePlan today at 1-800-THEPLAN (843-7526)

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